Configuring a Bell Schedule on an Algo 8301

Configuring a Bell Schedule on an Algo 8301

This article will guide you step by step on how to configure the bell schedule on an Algo 8301 Paging Adapter.

Create the Schedule

Creating the Schedule first will allow you to set the schedule for particular days of the week. 
  1. Log in via the Local IP Address for the Algo Paging 8301 Paging Adapter (default pass: algo)
  2. Go to the Scheduler Tab
  3. Go to Schedules Sub Tab
  4. Enter a New Schedule Name and choose a color.
  5. Under the Schedule Field, Start Entering your Description and Times you wish the bell to enable. Pressing the  + sign will add additional rows to enter other times. You can designate different bells or zones (if applicable) for each scheduled time.

  6. Once complete, Press Save
  7.  To add a new Bell Schedule, you can press the + below your current bell schedule. Once you have named the Bell Schedule, you can repeat the steps above to adjust the new schedule. Please note the 'Current Schedule' field, as it will display which schedule you are editing.

Applying the Schedules

  1. To apply the schedules, make your way to the Calendar Sub-Tab
  2. Select the Schedule from the Drop-Down, and Click on the days you wish to apply said schedule

    Note: If you need to apply the same schedule for all Weekdays, you can click on the 'All Weekdays' button to auto fill it for the month.
  3. Click Save once completed.

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