How Can Another Application Log A User Into the Portal

How Can Another Application Log A User Into the Portal

Prerequisites -

  1. You will need API/Developer Access for your Site - Please send a request to True IP Solutions in case you currently do not have access.
  2. If requests are going to be coming from an IP other than the local Portal/API servers, Please provide us the Public IP so we can insert it within our backend.
  3. You will need to ensure you retrieve an Oauth2 Access Token and add it as an Authorization Header - "Bearer <Token>". See the API Documentation here -

Instructions -

Send POST to Include the parameters below with the values for the user you want to log into the portal as -

response_type = "admin"
username = "<user's login>" 
domain = "<user's domain>"
scope = "<user's scope>" - Basic User, Call Center Agent, Call Center Supervisor, Office Manager

Header - Authorization "Bearer <Token>"

Get response of JSON object in the response. Example is below.
    "apiversion": "Version: 1227.2.3-beta.3",
    "code": "9fe47c4f1b93d23e1927s306478dbcd2",

The most important value will be login_uri. You can take that uri and paste it into a browser for access to a new URL. 

Curl Sample

curl -X POST -dresponse_type="admin" -dusername="" -ddomain="" -dscope="Reseller" -H "Authentication: Bearer 2312a70c8caf6aa3f5cc2348f6f1636a"

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