TIPS Webphone

TIPS Webphone


To utilize the Webphone feature, please ensure you have the following:
  1. A microphone/headset
  2. Your TIPS Portal Username and Password - Please submit a ticket if you need us to reset/provide.
  3. Google Chrome

Logging In

  1. Go to   in your web browser.
  2. Login using your portal login name ( [ext]@[yourdomain].com ) and password .

  3. Upon logging in, click on Webphone on the top right.

Using the Webphone

First, check to see if the Webphone is registered. Click on the phone icon on the top right to view its status. 

If it does not register, check to see if the Microphone is active. If you are unsure, consult your computer manufacturer. 
       Navigating the Webphone

  1. Contacts - Clicking on the Rolodex icon will display your contacts. You can add or search for contacts, by clicking the magnifying glass and ' + ' icons respectively.


    Clicking the Plus Icon will display buttons for SMS or the Dial Pad 
  2. Voicemail - The Voicemail Button will display all of your current messages within your mailbox. Once you select a message, you can Callback, Save, Forward, or Delete said message.
  3. Call History - The Call History Button will display all taken calls. Clicking on an item within your history will provide options to Call back, Send a Chat Message, or View Contact Information (if applicable).
  4. Chat/SMS -  The Chat Bubble will display Chat/SMS messages. To use SMS, you will need to have a SMS-enabled number .

In-Call Functions

  1. Mute - Mute the caller
  2. Hold - Hold the caller (will play MOH)
  3. Dial Pad - Dial a number, places current call on hold
  4. Add Call - Conference in another participant
  5. Switch Phone - Toggle the call to go to a different device (Desk Phone, Mobile Phone, etc.)
  6. Contacts - Display current contacts
  7. More -
    1. Start/Stop Recording - Start and Stop Recording your current call
    2. Hide Call - Allows you to hide the call so you can review other screens within the app 

Transfer a call   - Clicking Transfer will display two options. Choose From Contacts allows you to select a Contact. Dial a new number allows you to dial a number via dialpad.  

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      Hello and welcome to our new Support Portal! Please register to view and submit tickets. If you have an immediate request, please call us at 855-878-TIPS (8477) or 9102494255
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