Microsoft Teams Integration FAQ

Microsoft Teams Integration FAQ

Table of Contents

  1. Answering a Call
  2. Making a Call
  3. Holding a Call
  4. Transferring a Call
  5. Conference Calls
  6. Disabling Teams Voicemail
  7. Using Click to Call

Answering a Call

When a call comes in, it will display a pop up notification on the lower right side of your primary screen.

Making a call

To make a call within Microsoft Teams, click on  Calls .
Speed Dial  - You can add individuals and groups to your speed dial for easy dialing
Contacts  - Add Contacts to your directory. This will also populate with users within your organization
Dialing Pad  - Manual dialing (Internal Extension or external number)

Holding a call

To hold a call, go to the  ellipsis  (three dots) and click on  Hold Call.  Press  Resume  when you are ready to resume the call.

Transfer a call

Attended Transfer

To do an attended transfer (to speak to the new recipient prior to the transfer): 
1. Select the  ellipsis  and select  Consult then transfer. 
2. The Contacts screen will display allowing you to manually type a number, or search a contact. 
3. Once the recipient answers, you can click on  Transfer  to transfer the call to the new recipient.

Direct Transfer

To do a direct transfer: 
1. Go to the  ellipsis  and select  Transfer
2. The Contacts screen will display allowing you to manually type a number, or search a contact.

Conference Call

To do a conference call: 
1. Click on  Show Participants
2. Under  invite someone of dial the number , type the extension or external number.
3. If you need to remove a user, click on the ellipsis under the user and select  Remove participant

Disabling Voicemail

  1. Click on the icon with your name and/or picture.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Calls
  4. Under Call answering rules change if unanswered Voicemail to Do nothing .

Using Click-to-dial

  1. Make sure that Click To Call for Skype for Business is not installed
  2. Set Microsoft Teams as the default app for making calls
  3. Install a browser plugin to make phone numbers clickable

Make sure that Click to Call for Skype for Business is not installed

  1. Close all browser windows and tabs
  2. From your System Settings , select Add/Remove Programs .
  3. From the list displayed, select Skype For Business if listed, and uninstall this first .
  4. Then select Skype for Business Click to Call and click Uninstall

Set Microsoft Teams as the default app for making calls

  1. Access your System Settings and select Default Apps .
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Choose default apps by protocol .
  3. Scroll down the list of protocols to find TEL and set this to Microsoft Teams

Install a browser plugin to make phone numbers clickable

Depending on your browser, you may have to install a plugin to turn phone numbers into clickable links. There are many different plugins available and although we suggest some below we are not affiliated with them and cannot be held responsible for any of their failings.

Microsoft Edge - Built in functionality, no plugin needed
Internet Explorer - N/A

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