My Phone says 'No Service'

My Phone says 'No Service'

When your phone displays 'No Service' it can mean the following:
1. Check to see if the phone is obtaining an IP Address
      a. Press the physical OK Button on your phone
      b. A Status screen will display revealing an address.
      c. If no IP address is displayed, root cause can be a network related issue.
      d. Please create a ticket with TIPS Support if you have any further questions.
2. If it obtaining an IP Address but says No Service, the phone may no longer be registered.
      a. Restart the phone.
      b. Failing that, obtain the IP address and open a browser that is on the same network as the phone.
      c. Type the IP Address in your browser window.
      d. Under Status-> Account Status, if it says Registered Failed create a ticket to TIPS Support.

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