Operating Video Intercom with Access Control

Operating Video Intercom with Access Control

When a visitor approaches the door they will press the call button on the call box on your front door.
After pressing the call button your Intercom-connected phone will begin to ring with a distinctive pattern. You may answer this ‘call’ by pressing the on-screen Answer key, the Speaker key, or picking up the handset.

Once you answer the call your screen will begin displaying the video feed from the call box. You can speak to the person through the intercom-connected phone and they can speak to you through the call box. If you want to unlock the door and let the person in you can press the ‘Open Door’ button in the top left of the screen, second button from the left. You can also enter “123” on the keypad to unlock the door. After sending the unlock request the door will remain unlocked for 7 seconds or until it is opened and closed again. While the door is unlocked the outside call box will emit a tone to let the visitor know the door is open.

Once you are finished speaking with the person at the door you can end the ‘call’ by either hanging up the receiver or pressing the Speaker key, depending on how you answered the call. You can also end the call in this manner without having pressed the ‘Open Door’ key if you do not need to let the person in.
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