Placing an Intercom Call to Another Phone

Placing an Intercom Call to Another Phone

A call can be dialed to another extension in such a way that the call is automatically answered by the called phone and the call immediately placed on speaker. This is called an Intercom Call.*

To place an intercom call, dial the intercom prefix** provided by True IP Solutions followed by the 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-digit extension of the other phone and SEND the call. 

This causes the called phone to immediately answer and place the caller on speaker, allowing two-way communication like an intercom system.

Please note that Intercom Calls do not ring or notify the called party of the inbound call, they only show the inbound call on the screen. If there are privacy concerns the phones can be configured so that inbound intercom calls are answered with the microphone disabled, meaning the caller is heard on the speaker of the called phone but the caller cannot hear anything from the called phone unless deliberately un-muted by the called party. Please contact TIPS Support to enable this privacy feature.

*Intercom Calls are only guaranteed to work with Aastra, Polycom, and Yealink phones. Other brands will need to be tested and confirmed individually. Intercom Calls do not work when dialed to TIPS Mobile or Webphones, however Intercom Calls can be made from TIPS Mobile or Webphones. Lettered extensions must be dialed with the letter included (ex. 108h for a secondary phone at home). Contact TIPS Support for help with this.

**In most cases the intercom prefix is 08, however some customers have a different prefix. If 08 does not work, please contact TIPS Support for more information.

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