SFTP Integration for Recorded Calls

SFTP Integration for Recorded Calls

We now have SFTP Integration available that will allow you to import daily recorded calls to a SFTP Server of your choice. The service will run daily at midnight, and create a folder with the date stamp -

Files will be named with the Date, Time, the Extension/Number, and if the call was outbound vs inbound.


Call Recording must be enabled via the User, Call Queue or Domain Wide.
An SFTP Server must be setup

To enable this feature:

1. Send an email to support@trueipsolutions.com with the Subject Line SFTP Integration
2. Provide which Domains you would like this enabled for
3. Provide the IP Address of the SFTP Server
4. The Folder/File Path you would like them to import,
5. SFTP User
6. SFTP Password
7. Email Address for Notifications

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