TrueI IP Solutions Okta Portal Integration

TrueI IP Solutions Okta Portal Integration

Configuring Okta OIDC Integration with True IP Solutions

Supported Features
  1. The Okta/True IP Solutions OIDC integration currently supports the following features:
    1. IdP-initiated SSO
For more information on the listed features, visit the Okta Glossary.

  1. An active Hosted VoIP Domain with TrueIPSolutions

Configuration Steps
  1. .      Login to your Okta account.

  2. 2.      Switch to Classic UI of your Okta dashboard.


    3.      In the Okta Dashboard, select the Add Applications shortcut.

    4.      Search for the True IP Integration Portal application and add it to your domain.


    5.      Now that the app is installed it can be configured on the Okta side. You can add users or groups of users that can access the True IP Integration Portal.

    6.      In the menu bar, select the Applications -> Applications menu item.

    7.      Select the True IP Integration Portal application.


    8.      Select the Assign button and the desired user.


    9.      Select the Assign button next to a user. 

    10.  Switch to the Sign On tab.


    11.  Click the Edit button.


    12.  Copy Client ID value and paste it to the Tenant ID field. Press Save button to apply your changes.


    13.  Copy Client ID and paste it into the Tenant ID field.

    14.  Press the Save button to apply your changes.

    15.  Make a note of the Client ID and Client secret values. These must be sent to True IP Solutions to complete the configuration.

  1. Make sure that the client ID and client secret are sent to True IP Solutions. Configuration is not complete until you have received confirmation.
  2. Contact 910-249-4255 or for configuration issues.

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