Troubleshooting an AudioCodes Faxbridge

Troubleshooting an AudioCodes Faxbridge

Troubleshooting Steps:

      1. Ensure that the cables are connected properly -
  1. The WAN Port is connected with a ethernet cable that is connected to the internet via Wall Jack, Switch or Router.
  2. The Phone1 Port is connected with a telephone cable, that is connected to the line port on the Fax Machine            


2. Reset the Faxbridge -
            a. Unplug the device from power
            b. Using a small pointed object like a pen or paperclip, press and hold the reset button (RST) on the back of the device.
            c. While still holding the reset, plug the device back into power.
            d. Continue holding the reset button for 20 seconds until lights blink/flash red and green, and then release.
            f.  Wait 10-15 minutes for the device to fully reconfigure and then test.
      3. Test inbound and outbound Fax
      4. If it fails, please contact TIPS Support.

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