User Fundamentals of Paging

User Fundamentals of Paging

This guide goes over the fundamentals of our paging solution and how it operates. Depending on how paging is customized, these instructions may differ depending on your environment.

Phone Intercom Paging

This feature allows Intercom Paging through handset. The concept is to be able to dial the Intercom Prefix and the Extension to page a particular device over its speaker. By default, we set the prefix to 08, although we can customize this per requests.
  1. Dial 08+extension (ex. If extension you want to page is 1234, you would dial 081234.
  2. Your phone will complete the connection (after it rings), and you can start talking. If you are close by the phone, the phone receiving the page should beep. 
  3. Start talking and hang up when complete.

Multicast Paging Multiple Handsets

Multicast paging is set up as needed and can be used if you just have phones, but would like paging capability. Multicast paging does require all devices within, to be on the same VLAN. We can also segment into Zones, and have it listen to multiple Multicast Addresses.

In most cases, TIPs will create Softkeys on phones that are allowed to initiate and broadcast a page. The softkeys can be placed in any location on the phone.

Paging Multi-Zone Environments

Multi-Zone environments will consists of Paging Adaptor and physical speakers. In most cases, we will tie in a primary Paging Adaptor, that will handle all of your Zones through Multicast Addresses that will be pushed to ATAs that are listening to said addresses.

TIPS will provide the extensions to dial. In most cases, dialing the All Page Zone, or any other Zones, should yield the same result. Once you dial into a zone, you should hear a Beep (or notification tone if different), and then you can speak to page over the Zone. Once complete, you can hang up to terminate the call.
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