User Star Codes

User Star Codes

Star Code

Feature Description


Dynamically Park a Call

*<Call Park Queue>

Park a Call

*35<Extension Number>

Call Pickup


Domain Pickup


Group Pickup (Department)


Activate Forward

*41<Forwarding Number>

Set Forward Busy Destination

*42<Forwarding Number>

Set Forward No Answer Feature

*67<10 or 11 Digit phone number>

To Connection w/ Privacy DID 11 Digit

*67<Extension Number>

To User w/ Privacy


Call Return

*72<Forwarding Number>

Set Forward Destination


DeActivate Forward


Activate Do Not Disturb


DeActivate Do Not Disturb


Make Agent Available for a Queue (Online)


Make Agent Unavailable for a Queue (Offline)


Activate Forward Busy


DeActivate Forward Busy

Activate Forward No Answer
Deactivate Forward No Answer
Activate Hot-Desking
Release Device (Hot-Desking


Feature Description

03<Extension Number>

Transfer a call directly to voicemail

08<Extension Number>

Auto Answer/Intercom


Unregistered Login to VMail (prompted for account number and password)


Registered Login to VMail (prompted for password only)


Hot Desking Sign In

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