Using SMS Features within TIPS Portal

Using SMS Features within TIPS Portal

To utilize the SMS feature, True IP Solutions will need to supply a new number or provision an existing phone number with SMS features. Please contact if you are interested.

Assigning a Provisioned SMS Number

As an Office Manager, you can assign a provisioned SMS number to any user within your portal. The TIPS Team will set the treatment as Available so you can assign it to a user or call queue.
To assign a number:
  1. Login to the portal (Office Manager Role).
  2. Go to Inventory.
  3. Click SMS Numbers sub-tab.

  4. Click the number or the pencil button to edit.
  5. Within the treatment drop down, select User or Call Queue.
  6. Insert the extension in the text field below.

Utilizing the SMS Feature for Single User

  1. Login to the portal
    a. If you are logged as an Office Manager, you will need to switch from your 'Organization' portal to your 'Basic User' portal.
    b. Click on your name on the top right corner, and select My Account.
  2. Select Messages.

  3. Selecting an existing conversation will display.
  4. Click on Reply to display the chat window and resume the conversation.

If you are starting a new conversation:
  1. Click on New Conversation.
  2. Type in the User or Telephone Number you wish to send the message to. You can add additional contacts if want to send a message to multiple people.

  3. Click Start.

Using a SMS with a Call Queue

  1. Manage a call queue's SMS settings by entering the call queue edit modal or adding a completely new call queue. Insert any desired keywords or automated messages that you would like the incoming SMS originator to receive during initiation or termination of the message session.

  2. Next, you need to edit an SMS capable number to be treated as a Call Queue number and assign it to your chosen call queue.

  3. You can now add agents to the call queue and set their Max SMS Session count in the edit agents queue modal.

Call Center Agent Usage

  1. When an incoming message has been sent into the queue, call center agents assigned to the queue will receive a Queue Session Invite.
  2. Upon accepting, the call center agent will have ownership of the active queue message session for the duration of the conversation. In order to complete the session, the call center agent can press End or the originator can type the termination message for that call queue.

SMS Statistics

  1. Several new call queue statistics are available to call center supervisors. SMS Volume (SMS_VOL) is the number of SMS sessions that were handled for a queue. SMS Average Handle Time (SMS_AHT) is the average time it took an agent to handle an SMS session from the time of accepting until ending. 

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