Using the TIPS Mass Notification Tool

Using the TIPS Mass Notification Tool


The TIPS Mass Notification Tool is used to send Voice, SMS, or E-Mail to a large group of people that can be sent immediately, or to a future date/time. This feature only works when enabled by True IP Solutions. If you are interested in enabling this feature, please send a request to so we can provide pricing depending on use case.

Popular use cases - Emergency Notifications, Closures, Advertisement, E-mail blast, Resident Activities and much more.

Logging In:

The Dashboard:

View a log of your mass notifications:

Click on the date, to view details of the Mass Notification and status

Manage Recipients:

Click Manage Recipients within the Menu

To Update and Add additional users:
1. Single Records: Click on Add New Record. To edit, select the edit button besides each contact.
2. Mulitple Records: Take your existing or new CSV file (you can export the example one), make changes and select the file to import. Ensure the
Load Preference is set to Update and Add. If you need to replace contacts entirely, you can import a new spreadsheet and select the Load Preference - Replace

Send Notifications:

Depending on what is enabled, you may not have all Notification Types available.


  1. Select your Recipients
  2. Under Notification Type, select Voice.
  3. Insert your telephone number, or extension within Call Me At to record your greeting. Press Call me and your device/phone will ring.
  4. Upon pick up, you will be greeted with 'Please leave a message, press # when finished'
  5. The From Number will allow you to pick any number within your inventory to send the notification out as.
  6. Click the Calendar Picker within Send On to select current time, or a future date.
  7. Once complete, you can click Review and your device/phone will ring, upon picking up, you will hear your notification play back.
  8. Click Submit


  1. Select your Recipients
  2. Under Notification Type, select Email.
  3. Subject - Subject of Email Notification
  4. Message - Insert Message of Mass Notification (Plain Text Only)
  5. Click the calendar picker within Send On to select current time, or a future date.
  6. Click Submit


  1. Select your Recipients
  2. Under Notification Type, select SMS
  3. Message - Insert the SMS Message to send.
  4. Click the calendar picker within Send On to select current time, or a future date.
  5. Select a Number from your Inventory to send the SMS from (an SMS Enabled Number is required).
  6. Click Submit when complete. 

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