IP Address Changes

IP Address Changes

UPDATE (7/19): IP and DNS changes are complete and we're in the 'cleanup' phase now. Any devices still registered to the Clinton, NC server will need to be identified and manually moved to the Atlanta, GA server. If you have any devices not registering or exhibiting issues please try rebooting the device. If that doesn't correct the issue please reach out to our support team by phone at (855) 878-8477 or by email at support@trueipsolutions.com. We will contact your telephone administrator to correct any devices that haven't moved by mid-week.

Please also be sure to update your firewall's telephone exceptions to match the information in this KB article, primarily the RTP ports 5000-60000. We will be expanding our active RTP port range in the next few weeks to accommodate the increasing number of phones in service.

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Since day one, our primary servers have operated from Clinton, NC, but the time has come for change. We're moving our primary data center to Atlanta, GA to better serve you. This means there will be changes to our servers' IP addresses.

These new servers go into service June 25:
  1. atlanta-nms.trueipsolutions.com
  2. ndp.trueipsolutions.com (replaces current ndp.trueipsolutions.com on 6/25)
Please add the new servers' IP addresses to your firewall rules by EOB June 24 to ensure uninterrupted service when we begin the migration. This migration will occur overnight on Friday, June 25. If you experience any issues after the migration, please contact our on-call support associate at (855) 878-8477. 

Please do not remove the firewall rules for clinton-nms.trueipsolutions.com ( or the current ndp.trueipsolutions.com ( just yet. Once all devices have been migrated to the new servers and we're ready to decommission the old servers, we will post a follow-up with directions to remove the previous firewall rules. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to review your existing firewall rules to ensure you're up-to-date with our latest recommendations, which can be found in this KB article.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

phone: (855) 878-8477
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